Adjustable Beds Popular at MasterBedroom Whitby

vegaTrui / June 21st, 2016

Gone are the days when adjustable beds carried an image of hospital beds used for medical purposes only.

Today, adjustable beds are the fashionable stars of many well turned-out bedrooms, and their popularity is growing among young adults and people who work from home, says Garry MacMurry of MasterBedroom in Whitby.

“It used to be thought of as a medical bed or an old person’s bed,” Mr. MacMurry admits. But today it’s a “younger person’s product also,” he says, popular with working adults in their 30s and 40s who want to sit upright and work on their laptops in the comfort of their bedroom sanctuaries.

People are spending more time at home, and everybody is on a keyboard, he notes.

Adjustable beds are very advantageous, says Mr. MacMurry. They still offer medical benefits to elevate a person’s head or feet, or to allow someone to sit up and eat a meal from a bed tray. But they offer the good looks and eye appeal that people want in their bedrooms and can be purchased with solid wood, metal or fabric pleasing to the eye.

Beds that allow two people to independently adjust the elevation can be purchased for under $2,000, while beds designed for a single adjustment cost under $1,000.

“They’re a nice-looking bed and you can dress it up, not like the old hospital beds,” says Mr. MacMurry, who explains a customer can choose to add a frame or a headboard. The mattresses now are more flexible, without hinges, which adds to your personal comfort factor.

Various memory foam mattress firmness will work with adjustable beds, he adds, so the customer can choose the right mattress for herself or himself.

“The important thing is that you can buy an adjustable base and put the mattress of your brand and comfort on it,” he says. New memory foam mattresses offer flex and comfort. “Like any bed, the most important thing is finding your own comfort.”

Having so many mattress options makes the choice of an adjustable bed even more appealing, he adds.

“You want to test drive your mattress.”

MasterBedroom Whitby has been locally owned for 35 years and carries a large inventory of Canadian-made bedroom furniture, suites and mattresses at various price points. It’s located at 1540 Dundas Street East, Whitby, at the northwest corner of Thickson Road and Dundas Street. Call 905-668-4300.