Child Bedroom Choices at MasterBedroom Whitby

vegaTrui / August 1st, 2016

When furnishing a child’s bedroom, many parents debate whether to give a child their old bedroom furniture or buy new pieces for the children or themselves. New styles, colours and features can make your children’s room fun to use and sleep in.

Bed Size

Often when moving to an older home with less closet space or downsizing living quarters, people are looking to maximize use of their space or find the right bedroom furniture that a child can grow into.

With houses in Durham typically larger than those found in Toronto, bedrooms are usually large enough to take a double bed or bigger, and both children and parents want the bigger beds so parents can tuck the kids in, have room to lay down with them or read to them and, when the kids are older, have friends sleep over.

People want quality the kids can grow into, and it will become a spare bedroom later.

Our Bedroom Furniture Selection

At MasterBedroom Whitby, customers find a wide range of furniture options and mattresses, including twin beds and bunk beds from Canadian manufacturers. Many beds offer storage options to maximize drawer space, and a customer can choose from high-end hardwood products to less expensive Canadian-made high density board.

High Density Board Bed

The high density board option, can be a good option for some rooms because it is very reasonable and you know the child’s needs or room size will be changing.

It is still Canadian made and comes assembled in sizes and colours of your choice, making it a popular option for children’s rooms in sets that can include beds, dressers, desks and chest of drawers. The sets come in eight to 10 different colours including black, white and grey, with the latter colour very popular now.

Canadian Manufacturers

MasterBedroom Whitby carries bedroom furniture from a number of Canadian manufacturers, who build the product to suit the fluctuations in the climate, he says. The high-end hardwood, birch and heritage pine products from Canadian companies include choices from Oshawa-based College Woodwork.

We offer a variety of styles and finishes of beds, furniture, and suites in various price points, including popular adjustable beds favoured by those who like to watch TV or work on laptops. Many pieces can be customized through the selection of finishes, colours, knobs and extra add-ons such as headboards or built-in storage drawers.

The Bottom Line

There are selections offered in varying price points to suit different budget needs. Mr. MacMurry, owner of MasterBedroom advises customers to choose the best they can afford since the furniture will last.