Buy the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

vegaTrui / October 26th, 2017

Getting a good night’s sleep is largely dependent on your mattress.  But the overall look and functionality of your bedroom depends on your furniture.

From the bed itself to dressers and nightstands, choosing the right furniture is essential to creating a room that you find peaceful, a place you can retreat to after a busy day.

Size & Space

Size is key when choosing the appropriate furniture.  While large dressers provide lots of storage, you want to make sure that it will fit in the room.  Take measurements and draw yourself a floor plan so you can get an idea of how each piece will affect the space.

Beds can be as simple as a frame to ornate pieces with canopies, built-in bookshelves and/or drawers or elaborate head and footboards.

Smaller rooms can benefit from having extra storage, but be careful not to overwhelm the room.  If you have a large bedroom, make sure that you don’t buy furniture that is too small.  It can look miniature when placed in a large room and make the room look sparse.

Material Choice

The next step is choosing a material (i.e. wood, metal) and colour/shade that will match your décor.  Wood often works as a great neutral that will work with a variety of paint and flooring changes.

Shopping for bedroom furniture at a big box store can become an exercise in frustration.  Most of the time, what you see is what you get, and if it’s not working for you or your space, you are out of luck.

MasterBedroom offers a unique solution to buying furniture for your bedroom.  They carry products from College Wood, a local Durham-area manufacturer.  All of their pieces are made from birch hardwood, and can choose the size of the piece, the shade and the hardware.  MasterBedroom also carries beds and custom made stools from Amisco.  You are able to choose the colour, fabric and style they want, and are therefore able to match your décor perfectly!

Visit MasterBedroom’s showroom in Whitby to find the perfect furniture for your bedroom.  For more information, call (905) 668-4300 or use our form here.