Buyer Beware When Shopping for a New Mattress

Finding the right place to buy a mattress is almost as important as finding the right mattress.  There are lots of places that sell mattresses, from big box stores to locally owned and operated stores to your local classifieds, but each offers a different experience, quality of product and level of service.

While buying a used mattress may be appealing to your wallet, it may introduce an expensive and aggravating problem into your life: bed bugs.  It’s always recommended to buy a new mattress, so you don’t have to worry about who or what has slept on it before.

Many stores that offer mattresses allow their customers to return their mattresses to them after they’ve slept on them for more than 30 days up to 90 days.  While at face value, this may seem like a great idea – you can try the bed out at home and make sure you love it, have you ever wondered what happens to the mattresses that are returned?  Are you certain that the “new” mattress you are buying hasn’t been slept on by someone else before you bring it home?

Other stores don’t have the floor space to have their mattresses out on display.  At these stores, you will have to choose the mattress you want from a catalogue, on line or pick one off the shelf.  You are not able to lay down on it before you buy it, and will have no idea if it’s comfortable or not before you bring it home.

You also want to shop at a store that employs knowledgeable staff that are able to help you sort through the different types of mattresses available.

At MasterBedroom, their highly trained staff want to sell you the right mattress the first time.  With lots of mattresses out on display, you can test them all right in the store to find one that’s perfect for you.  The staff are happy to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

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Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been the subject of many headlines lately, as they spread through the community.  They are very difficult to get rid of, so prevention is key.

The first step is to not bring bed bugs home.  If you are travelling, be sure to check the mattress in your hotel room for the bugs or brown marks indicating their droppings.  Watch for headlines and avoid places with reported outbreaks, including hotels, libraries, movie theatres, etc.

If you have picked up bed bugs, it’s important to leave your suitcase outside and immediately wash your clothes in hot water to kill the bugs.  Fumigate your suitcase or bags and leave them in the garage or outside for at least two weeks.

Buy a mattress encasement for all the beds in your home.  If you do bring bed bugs home with you, the encasements will prevent them from making a home in your mattresses, and will make it much easier to get rid of them.

Buying a used mattress can also lead to a bed bug infestation.  Just because you don’t see any, doesn’t mean that they are not hiding in there.  Your safest bet is to always buy mattresses new and not from stores selling exchanged mattresses.

Another mattress issue that rarely makes headlines is mites.  These also live in your mattress and are sustained by body fluid and dead skin.  They are invisible, but can cause your allergies to go into overdrive.  The simple solution is to starve them out with a mattress pad.  This will prevent sweat and dead skin from reaching your mattress and help allergy sufferers breathe easier when they sleep.

MasterBedroom can help you prevent bed bugs and take control of mites.  They offer mattress enclosures and pads, as well as a great selection of new mattresses.  Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect product for your specific needs.

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